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Welcome to Vaelyn

As promised here is the beginnings of my map. As I said it's currently pretty scrawny, but expect it to grow. I'll walk you through the bullet points of what we know so far: -To start, Vaelyn is a world very similar to Avalon in that it's in an alternate dimension of Earth, and like most dimensions, if one is interested in looking, a gateway can be found. -So far we've only discovered two lands, Ellesmere and Feilandal. -In the Northeast of Vaelyn lies Feilandal. -As you already know, Feilandal is the Land of Wolves, where Katja and Azule reside. -In the Southeast we find the Isle of Ellesmere. -Currently there is civil unrest raging among the locals, so unfortunately explorers such as myself are prohibited entrance. No worries though, I'm working on it. Thankfully, I know the chronicler who resides there so it's only a matter of time before I can introduce you to its wonders. That's all we know for now... Look forward to updates -Jones


Tomorrow I begin my expedition into Feilandal, I’m pretty excited! 

Expect an update to the map on Wednesday, barring misfortune of course.