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Chronicles of The Moon: Third Night

Okay, it’s a week behind schedule but chapter 3 is out. With that the story has reached 4000 words, half the word count of a novella, so in commemoration I would like to ask for your input on the story thus far: What do you like? What don’t you like? What should I take into consideration for the upcoming chapters and so on…

I look forward to all of your wonderful input 🙂


Welcome to Vaelyn

As promised here is the beginnings of my map. As I said it's currently pretty scrawny, but expect it to grow. I'll walk you through the bullet points of what we know so far: -To start, Vaelyn is a world very similar to Avalon in that it's in an alternate dimension of Earth, and like most dimensions, if one is interested in looking, a gateway can be found. -So far we've only discovered two lands, Ellesmere and Feilandal. -In the Northeast of Vaelyn lies Feilandal. -As you already know, Feilandal is the Land of Wolves, where Katja and Azule reside. -In the Southeast we find the Isle of Ellesmere. -Currently there is civil unrest raging among the locals, so unfortunately explorers such as myself are prohibited entrance. No worries though, I'm working on it. Thankfully, I know the chronicler who resides there so it's only a matter of time before I can introduce you to its wonders. That's all we know for now... Look forward to updates -Jones


Tomorrow I begin my expedition into Feilandal, I’m pretty excited! 

Expect an update to the map on Wednesday, barring misfortune of course.



Chronicles of the Moon: Second Night

The second chapter is now up! Yay! ^_^

I’m really having a lot of fun writing this story, I hope you guys are enjoying it as well 🙂

Don’t forget to leave me feedback under the criticism page or even general comments.

Also, because this seems to have a lot of people understandably confused, on the book shelf there is a tab labeled ‘Season One: Winter’, ignore it. It will only take you to the archives page. It’s actually only supposed to be a header but I’m not sure how to disable it without removing it, I’m still trying to figure out the best layout mechanics…

Outside of that, expect chapter three next Friday.

Enjoy your visit and see you again soon,