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The Bard Space is now open. Stop by and let me tell you a story 🙂

About Navigation: In the side bar you should see the book shelf. This is where you will find the “books” currently available. A new chapter will magically appear on this incredible bookshelf every week so keep an eye on it. Whenever a new story appears the synopsis, or summary, will always be under the title link of the book, so click on it first. I will also post an excerpt from every new chapter on the home page, of course if you don’t visit, or even better subscribe, you won’t know 😉

About Facebook: Currently the Facebook link will take you directly to my personal page. That all well and dandy, but I will be creating a page dedicated solely to Bard Space so look forward to it and please subscribe to it as well when it is up.

Lastly I would like to recruit all you who visit Bard Space to assist me in my quest for world domination. If you like my stories please be sure to share with all your friends across the interweb, so that the world shall know of my brilliance(insert evil laugh here).

Outside of that read, enjoy and be welcome.

Your Host,

Cedrick Shande-Jones



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