Beauty for Beauty’s Sake


By Cedrick Shande-Jones

A lot of times beauty finds itself

Buried alive

Under a rubble

Of emotions






Does one

Take time

Take a break


Take a breath;

A slight moment

Can amount to infinity

When taken to

Breathe in





Beauty’s sake


One thought on “Beauty for Beauty’s Sake”

  1. Cedrick, I respond to your post
    as an artist that has survived and eventually thrived, (I love it, spell check placed tricked in place of thrived, yeah a bit of that as well) decades of what it is to be an adult with a child’s revery for discovery. The sense of “magic” when no longer on the stage of proving oneself to the world at large finds its’ stride, moves beyond self consciousness and drinks glutinously the nuances of life as life unfolds.
    I learned to forgive myself for striving to live a different life than what I was, to suspend notions of times passage and feed on the moment, question my perceptions and hold the mimes of others loosely,
    Allow others to live openly so that you never compromise your own flourishing or floundering
    9-5’s will come and go
    as people, places and happenstance will
    The pain and pleasures of existence will potentially be the feathers to the expanse of your wings
    My deepest sorrows have bridged the distances I’ve felt at times with others, empathy connecting the sinew of my flesh to theirs,
    A sense of belonging however I seemingly dwell on the fringe of society speaks to both the burden and the grace that comes of living with authenticity beating my heart

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