Hello World! Part 2

Hello to all and welcome.

First off, I would like to thank you for visiting our currently unexplored world. I’m sure some of you are dreadfully confused. After all who is this roguishly good looking gentleman who just popped into existence talking about ‘unexplored’ worlds? Where did he come from?

Well now, allay your fears and allow me the pleasure of this introduction. My nom de plume is C.S Jones. Oh! But I am far more than a simple pen name, parish the thought! I am a being onto myself, a whole new entity! Put simply, I am an alter ego. I am the embodiment of a throbbing desire, a dream that has burst from its gilded cage to fly the skies in abundant freedom.

That’s who I am, here’s what I do. I am an explorer, a gypsy, a mapmaker, and your guide through this world’s wonders. Through my travel logs I shall provide you a firsthand account of the lifestyles, the culture, the fauna, and the landscapes of worlds you could only begin to imagine. My job is to bring you into our world and give you the presidential tour.

Next week shall mark the beginning of my travels in the lands of Feilandal.

Also, sometime in the near future I shall unveil a map on which I am working, a map of this world as it is currently known. Expect it to be scrawny, but as you journey with us, Cedrick and I, the map will grow as we grow and discover new lands.

Look forward to it and expect me soon.




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